"This clear-thinking, thoroughly enjoyable book adds important new insight into the civil space program and the critical role it plays in our nation’s future." 
- Tom Young, Aerospace Pioneer (NASA and Lockheed Martin)

The Answer to America's Renewal Lies Directly Above Us.

The Gravity Well reveals an astronomical mystery while offering the best promise for our nation’s future. 

The Gravity Well reveals the true challenge of space—poorly understood until now—while making an inspiring case for making meeting that challenge. Imagine a national effort that:

  • Offers immediate payoffs to the economy.
  • Inspires young people to study STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).
  •  Restores America’s reputation as a peaceful world leader.
  • Already has the support of Americans: Democrat, Republican, and Independent.

The Gravity Well is a must-read—not just for lovers of space but for every reader who cares about our country and our future.

Stephen Sandford spent 28 years as an engineer and researcher at NASA, including senior assignments at Johnson Space Center and NASA headquarters. As Director for Space Technology and Exploration at NASA’s Langley Research Center, he led teams of engineers, researchers, and mission architects to enable human space exploration. Currently System Engineering Director at Stinger, Ghaffarian Technologies, Inc., his work spans a range of space challenges, from asteroid utilization to space policy. He has degrees in physics, electrical engineering, and optical science. Jay Heinrichs is the bestselling author of Thank You for Arguing.